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Different We’ll provide you a sure experience that fits your skills. You can choose from group lessons to high performance coaching sessions and we will make it happen. Get ready to embrace the waves of the portuguese surf mecCa. Welcome to the always surprising Ericeira. 

Overview | The School

The school is located in the heart of Ericeira World Surf Reserve, right in front of Matadouro beach. Considered the best beach for all surf levels and only a few steps away from the biggest and coolest surf shop in town, Boardriders Ericeira. Which not only has an amazing skatepark inside but one of the greatest terraces and sunset spots in the whole town.

Group Lessons


Surf Guide Days

Teaching Hours

Tiago Pires | Saca

Tiago Pires is the most famous Portuguese surfer of all time and for good reason. Born in the Ericeira World Surf Reserve, Tiago is the first Portuguese surfer to join the World Championship Tour (for 7 years).

National Champion

Coming from a country with almost no surfing culture Tiago made a name for himself being national champion in under-14 and under-16. After meeting his mentor and coach José Seabra, Tiago was able to take his surf to the next level. After 2 years of intense training, he became Euro Junior Champion achieving a lifelong dream. From then on this team worked their way into an 8-year campaign on the World Qualifying Series. Eventually, Tiago was able to become the first Portuguese to ever compete among the world’s elite after qualifying for the World Championship Tour. During the 7 years on the “Dream Tour” he was able to prove himself as a world-class surfer and elevate Portugal in the surfing world.

Tiago’s dedication to professional surfing will undoubtedly keep him very active and at the top of the international surfers community. His signature combo bottom turn to frontside carve, in addition to his natural appetite for tubes, will always be appreciated.

Ericeira | The Surf Mecca

Portugal’s number one surfing destination, Ericeira offers everything you could hope for. The amazing beaches, the hot weather and the best waves near Lisbon make this the “European Mecca of surfing”

Surfers per year

Sunshine hours

National Surf Leagues

World Surf Reserve Waves

365 Days of surf

Whether it is sunny and with pitch perfect conditions or stormy with northern winds, there is always a good beach to surf.

Ericeira Village

Boutique fisherman’s village with a great vibe, home to some of the best surfers in portugal.

40 minutes from Lisbon

Proximity with Lisbon makes it easy to go for a day trip, make sure not to miss out on grilled fish for lunch and a good day at the beach.

The people

From the old and caring locals to the fresh and energized tourists, Ericeira can provide an incredible and diverse travelling experience.

Approach | Fitting your needs

All the coaches are trained to fit your needs and goals. We work hard and with small groups to get you the best experience.

Top Facilities

Located in the best surf shop in Ericeira, right next to the beach, we can offer the best equipment possible.

Top Instructors

Group of local instructors with teaching certificates that will help you achieve the level of surfing you want.

Safety first

Lessons with a small group of people to ensure an organized lesson, and certified instructors with safety training.


The relationship our instructors have with you goes beyond the usual teacher-student relationship, we care for our students and form long lasting friendships with them.

Vibe | Boardriders Spirit

Known as “The Place to Be” Boardriders has the best vibe in town, appropriate to everyone and every age. A great team will always be there to provide you with a fantastic experience.

The beach sets the mood

The sun and the waves rule our lives, Ericeira is all about the surf culture. With several beaches and lots of World Class Waves, Ericeira is the best place to spend your holidays.

FAQ School

How can i get to the School?

The Surf School is located in Boardriders Ericeira 5 min walk from the center of the village, you can drive there, or take the beach-bus.

Where can i stay nearby?

Check our partners in the homepage to find the best place to stay.

Can the kids play around the School?

YES they can. Outside of the lessons we are not responsible for the kids even though it’s a safe place and is always full of children.

Can i make my own event in the School facilities?

YES! The Boardriders ground is private, but we are happy to help you create the best experience possible.

Can i access the boardriders bar?

YES! The bar has public access and is open until 20:00.

Is there a parking lot?

YES, there is a parking lot with around 150 spots.